Gophers Have 2 of the Big Ten’s Top 3 Offensive Returners

June 27, 2013
Gophers Have 2 of the Big Ten’s Top 3 Offensive Returners

Andre Hollins of the Minnesota Golden Gophers is the Big Ten’s top offensive returning player from the 2012-13 season according to his Offensive Value Add (“OVA”).  In addition, new head coach Richard Pitino will have the league’s third best OVA returner. For more information on John Pudner’s Value Add, please visit and Breitbart Sports.

Michigan freshman Glenn Robinson finished a close second to Andre Hollins, with Gopher wing Austin Hollins contributing the Big Ten’s third best OVA of all 2013-14 returners.

Many questions remain for Minnesota, but Andre and Austin Hollins can be firmly expected to lead the team this coming season.

The 16 Big Ten returners who had an OVA of 3.00 or higher in their last full season played are listed below (Drew Crawford, Tim Frazier and Josh Gasser missed most or all of the 2012-13 season, but each had an OVA greater than 3.00 in 2011-12). In any given season, approximately 5% of all NCAA players have an OVA greater than 3.00.

Name Team Year OVA
Hollins, Andre Minnesota 2 So 5.44
Robinson, Glenn Michigan 1 Fr 5.31
Hollins, Austin Minnesota 3 Jr 4.48
Stauskas, Nik Michigan 1 Fr 4.37
Crawford, Drew (’12) Northwestern 3 Jr 4.35
Harris, Gary Michigan St. 1 Fr 4.06
White, Aaron Iowa 2 So 3.86
Brust, Ben Wisconsin 3 Jr 3.84
Payne, Adreian Michigan St. 3 Jr 3.67
Frazier Tim (’12) Penn St. 3 Jr 3.67
Dekker, Sam Wisconsin 1 Fr 3.44
Appling, Keith Michigan St. 3 Jr 3.28
Sheehey, Will Indiana 3 Jr 3.24
Devyn Marble, Roy Iowa 3 Jr 3.21
Gasser, Josh (’12) Wisconsin 2 So 3.18
Craft, Aaron Ohio St. 3 Jr 3.03

In the coming months we’ll share projections and thoughts on the upcoming season for all Big Ten teams (and some non-Big Ten squads). It’s interesting to note that of the list above, only one player (Nik Staukas) was projected before the season began to have an OVA of less than 2.00.

Finally, the list below shows Big Ten players who had an OVA of 3.00 or greater in 2012-13, but will not be returning in 2013-14.

Name Team Year OVA
Burke, Trey Michigan 2 So 8.61
Thomas, Deshaun Ohio St. 3 Jr 6.53
Zeller, Cody Indiana 2 So 6.23
Oladipo, Victor Indiana 3 Jr 5.71
Hulls, Jordan Indiana 4 Sr 4.50
Watford, Christian Indiana 4 Sr 4.23
Paul, Brandon Illinois 4 Sr 3.89
Berggren, Jared Wisconsin 4 Sr 3.51
Hardaway, Tim Michigan 3 Jr 3.36
Nix, Derrick Michigan St. 4 Sr 3.36
Richardson, DJ Illinois 4 Sr 3.09

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