Ask LNH: Can all Gopher Newcomers Play in Spain?

Ask LNH: Can all Gopher Newcomers Play in Spain?

The Minnesota Golden Gophers will travel to Spain in August for a foreign tour. Based on this year’s roster make-up, we believe this timing is¬†optimal for the program.

Media reports and many fans say that all Gopher newcomers, including transfers who will sit out a year in residence in 2015-16, will be able to take part in practice prior to the trip and travel/play in Spain.

Thus, the question: Can all of the new Gophers really play in Spain?

The short answer is “no. ” Details can be found below…

There are exceptions to summer foreign tour eligibility given to D-I basketball programs, however there are two requirements for freshman and transfers:

(1) the player must have earned at least three credit during the/a summer term at the institution; and

(2) the player must be eligible to compete during the upcoming season.

(1) is attainable by anyone, but (2) cannot be met by a guy like Reggie Lynch (transfer from Illinois State) or Davonte Fitzgerald (transfer from Texas A&M).

Nonetheless, the timing of the trip is important and it’ll be well worthwhile.


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