Battle 4 Atlantis Award Money

FACT CHECK: Numerous media outlets and individuals have claimed that each participating school in the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament receives $2 million in award money.

Is this claim factual? No.

How outrageous is this claim? It’s pretty far out there unless you’re completely tanked or under the influence of illicit drugs (we’re assuming).

In reality, the tournament awards a combined amount of approximately $2 million. A recent Associated Press article includes a partial breakdown. George Markantonis, President and Managing Director of the Atlantis resort, told the AP that each participating school receives $150,000 in award money for competing in the Bahamas.

Schools can receive additional award money (designated to athletic scholarship funds) of up to $200,000 depending on how they perform in the tournament.

Although Late Night Hoops has not obtained a copy of the confidential agreements between Atlantis and any of the schools, based on what the folks at Atlantis are saying we believe Minnesota would have received $175,000 for their appearance and fifth-place finish in November ($150,000 for competing and an additional $25,000 for performance).

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