Dre Hollins Field Goal Shooting Pre/Post-Injury

Dre Hollins Field Goal Shooting Pre/Post-Injury
March 15, 2014

After shooting 0-for-7 in last night’s loss to Wisconsin, Andre Hollins has seen his 2FG% drop to 41.4% for the season. Since coming back from an ankle injury, Dre’s 2FG% has been dreadful. However, when he has been set for 3-point attempts he’s been knocking down shots at an excellent rate.

Junior guard Dre Hollins badly sprained his ankle on January 22, 2014. At that point (20 games into the season) he was shooting 46.4% 2FG, up substantially from 41.5% as a sophomore. Since returning (11 games) to action after sitting out a couple of games it’s been ugly. The chart below shows Dre’s cumulative 2FG% throughout the season. The red circle indicates game 20.

If the chart above isn’t dramatic enough for you, take a look at this one:

If this was an upper body injury, it might be fair to expect that his 3-point shooting would be down post-injury as well. However, this was an ankle injury and Hollins has shown he’s still able to knock down his tries from outside.

The following charts are similar to those above, except that instead of 2FG% data, we are showing 3FG% data.


Should Gopher fans be concerned about Dre’s shooting? Certainly. Can he still be an effective scorer for Minnesota? Absolutely. Knowing your limitations and playing to your strengths can be key. Everyone would love an Andre Hollins at 100%. It doesn’t appear he’ll get there by the end of the season, but that doesn’t mean he can’t help lead the team in postseason play.

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