Gophers Add 6’9″ F Gaston Louis Diedhiou to 2014 Class

Gophers Add 6’9″ F Gaston Louis Diedhiou to 2014 Class
April 11, 2014

Reports this afternoon are that 2014 Gaston Diedhiou has committed to play for the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Diedhiou, age 20, is from Dakar, Senegal, which has produced a lot of basketball talent over the years.

Having spent years in Spain, Diedhiou played for Canarias Basketball Academy (“CBA”) two years ago. The 6’9″, 225+ pound forward saw action on the east coast at the 2013 National Prep School Invitational (NPSI), but didn’t leave much of an impression.

He’s tall, long, athletic for his size and has some upside, but at this point is a project. ¬†With the roster and calendar as they both currently sit, a calculated risk is warranted at this point for the Gophers. The desire would be that Diedhiou becomes a good rebounder that can defend well with his size and athletic abilities.

Based on his background, we’d hope amateurism issues wouldn’t cause a delay in his first appearance on the court, but it’s difficult to tell what the NCAA might do on any given day. The CBA has sent a lot of talent to U.S. colleges over the past several years and the Academy operates in conjunction with Oakley College, an academic institution on the Canary Islands.

The CBA and Oakley are well known in the college basketball world and Minnesota fans have seen many alums this past season, most recently 10 days ago when the Gophers played Florida State at Madison Square Garden (7’2″ Boris Bojanovsky).

There are some CBA ‘highlight videos’ out there of Gaston, but we’ll point you to a couple of real game-day game clips.

Overall, is this a “stretch”? Sure, but if things go well Pitino and staff will be able to point to “the Diedhiou success story.”

In the first two videos below, Gaston is #44 in orange. This game against Bridgton Academy (ME) was a 60-468 loss.

…and finally –¬†below is game footage of CBA vs. former Gopher target Goodluck Okonoboh… #44 in black is Gaston Diedhiou… he only lasts 24 seconds in this clip after being called for an offensive foul while being guarded by Okonoboh

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