Gophers’ Recruiting: Louisville Transfer Zach Price

Price defends Plumlee
Zach Price battles Duke’s Mason Plumlee

June 23, 2013
Gophers’ Recruiting: Louisville Transfer Zach Price

“Price has the potential to create a nice late-career success story.”

Rising junior Zach Price announced he’d be leaving Louisville earlier this month. This week Price visited Purdue and canceled a trip to Butler. The 6’10”, 250 center might visit Missouri and Minnesota next.

Price would sit out as a transfer during the 2013-14 season, then have two years of eligibility remaining.

Head coach Richard Pitino and the Minnesota Gophers could really use a strong rebounder and inside defensive presence at the power forward position for 2013-14.┬áThere are still possibilities to fill that need, but if Minnesota can’t find someone they feel comfortable with for this year, Zach Price becomes a worthy recipient of the team’s final 2013-14 scholarship.

Some miscellaneous notes and comments on Price for our readers:

  • Conditioning has been a concern in the past, but he reportedly made great strides between his freshman and sophomore year at Louisville.
  • Ohio native who played high school basketball in Ohio and Lexington, Ky. (senior year).
  • He played 8 minutes in Louisville’s round-of-64 win over North Carolina A&T during this year’s national championship run.
  • Has played only 205 minutes in his two years at Louisville. For comparison purposes, Elliott Eliason has logged 1,024 minutes and Mo Walker has played 312.
  • Has averaged about 1 point and 1 rebound in 6 minutes per game.
  • Gopher fans will enjoy this: career free throw percentage of 34.8% (8/23).
  • Price has size and potential. He’s a younger guy for his 2011 high school class (just turned 20 earlier this month). Was ranked #58 in the 2011 RSCI and therefore would be the highest ranked Gopher on the 2013-14 roster.
  • Price is interested in playing time. In 2014-15 the Gophers project to have two redshirt senior centers in Elliott Eliason and Mo Walker. However, neither of them has a spot in the lineup cemented. Three centers who are all upperclassmen may seem like a bit much, but with this team likely to press and push the tempo at times, it may not be a bad thing.
  • Don’t be discouraged by his stats. Price needs to be a better rebounder. He needs to be a better defender. He needs to be a better scorer. The key point is that he can be. Not only do we believe he would help in practicing with the team this season, Price has the potential to create a nice late-career success story.
  • Minnesota’s need for a interior defender/rebounder/shot blocker this season is strong enough that if they can find one who fits, that’s the direction they should go. However, it’s late in June and Zach Price has a lot of talent.

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