Drake’s Joey King Transferring; Gophers a Possibility?

May 14, 2013
Drake’s Joey King Transferring; Gophers a Possibility?

Former Eastview high school (Minn.) standout Joey King will transfer from Drake after spending his freshman year at the Iowa school. Due to specific circumstances, if King landed at Minnesota he might receive a waiver allowing him to compete for the Gophers immediately. [6/2/13 Update: King will join the Gophers as a scholarship player; waiver would appear likely]

Getting overly wrapped up in scholarship numbers isn’t often wise. How the roster looks today is not how the roster will look in a year. That said, we don’t believe the focus should be on how many scholarships project to be available in 2014. A better question to ask is whether a particular player can help your program and vice versa.

Joey King is unique in that he’s a 6’9″ kid with good shooting ability, especially from behind the 3-point line. We like what he can add on the offensive side of the ball and wouldn’t see it as a reach if Minnesota brought him into the program as a scholarship player. Adding King as a walk-on would be a bit of a coup.

At the same time we don’t believe King adds what the Gophers need most in 2013-14: strong rebounding and interior defense.

Miscellaneous Comments, Thoughts & Analysis on King:

  • Averaged 19.0 minutes, 6.9 points and 2.9 rebounds.
  • Don’t be fooled by his 42.8% FG. More than half of his FGA were 3FGA.
  • Finished the season with a good eFG% of 52.3%.
  • Made 34.7% of his 3FGA (33/95). Prior to the final 6 games of the year his 3FG% was 40.2%.
  • (33 3FGM would have been third on the Gophers in 2012-13; Dre=81, Austin=53)
  • Made 52.6% of his 2FG despite taking a lot of jump shots. Mid-range shooting was strong.
  • Has a fairly solid build, but not a contact guy.
  • DR% was only 13.5%, but he played with strong DR teammates.
  • His offensive rebounding ceiling appears low.
  • Turnovers weren’t awful and should improve.
  • Fouled the opposition often; again an area that projects to improve with experience.
  • Vs. Top 100 RPI opponents: 53.8% eFG, 4% OR, 7% Assist, 95 ORtg (per RealGM.com)
  • Vs. Non-Top 100 RPI opp: 50.0% eFG, 8% OR, 14% Assist 110 ORtg (per RealGM.com)

Could King find a role as a guy that chips in with 40+ 3-pointers? With his size, can he improve his rebounding and defense? Certainly. He’s got some limitations, but King’s combination of size and shooting ability are worth some consideration.

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