Marquette Alumni TBT Advanced Statistics

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Marquette Alumni TBT Advanced Statistics

The #1 seed in the Midwest, Golden Eagles (Marquette alumni) started off a bit slow, but ran away for a 103-89 victory over the Midwest Dream Squad.

The traditional box score can be found on the The Tournament’s website HERE.

Below, you can find advanced statistics for the team and individual players.

Team Four Factors:

Eff. eFG% TO% OR% FTR
MUBB 136.11 78.3% 15.9% 12.5% 23.3%
Opponents 117.61 54.1% 14.5% 35.7% 16.2%

Marquette shot lights-out at 78.3% eFG%. The excellent-shooting 2016-17 Marquette University men’s basketball team had a season-high of 76.0% (vs. DePaul). eFG% reigns supreme, so as long as MU continues to enjoy a big advantage in that area, they should continue to roll.

However, the other factor that stands out is rebounding. MU posted an offensive rebounding rate of just 12.5%, while allowing its opponent to 35.7%.

Individual stats (click for larger view):

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