Marquette Four Factors: Win-Loss Record

Picture source: Marquette Men’s Basketball Facebook Page

Marquette Four Factors: Win-Loss Record
(through January 28, 2017)

eFG% better than opponent: 14-0
eFG% worse than opponent: 0-7
TO% better (lower) than opponent: 11-5
TO% worse (higher) than opponent: 3-2
OR% better than opponent: 7-3
OR% worse than opponent:7-4
FTR better than opponent: 7-0
FTR worse than opponent: 7-7

FT% better than opponent: 11-6
FT% worse than opponent: 3-1
Assist rate better than opponent:7-2
Assist rate worse than opponent: 7-5

eFG% remains supreme. In yesterday’s loss, 3-point FG shooting was the difference. Marquette was very good, only slightly down from their season average at 40.0% (10/25 with a 43.1% 3FGA/FGA), but¬†Providence was even better at 55.0% (11/20 with a 37.7% 3FGA/FGA.

2-point shooting was identical for the two teams (15/33 for 45.5%) and the end result was an eFG% advantage to Providence of 59.4% to 51.7%. MU gained some back from turnovers and tiny rebounding edge; Providence got to the line more often and shot sub-60%, but as we know… #FTsNoMatta.

The loss was again on the defense. Providence scored 113.5 ppp, their fourth-best performance of the season and best in 10 conference games.

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