Minnesota Recruiting Pages and Thoughts – 7/21/13

July 21, 2013
Minnesota Recruiting Pages and Thoughts – 7/21/13

First, regardless of who Richard Pitino brings in for 2014 we think his confidence and approach to recruiting thus far at Minnesota is a great sign for the future. An exceptional incoming class of 2014 would certainly mean a boost to Minnesota basketball, but where things are at in years 4 and 5 is much more important to the program and brand than what happens in year 1. Excitement is good, but patience is a virtue.

Some thoughts on recruiting in general:

  • Recruiting is an every day battle and that won’t ever change.
      • If Minnesota doesn’t bring in a stellar 2014 class, it’s not the end of the world.
      • If the Gophers land a couple of exceptionally well regarded recruits, the program hasn’t suddenly achieved elite status.
  • There is no standard checklist that covers the recruiting for a target. These are individuals who are all unique and different.
  • Rather than hanging on a few words, considering all facts and circumstances will get you a better understanding of where a player stands with respect to a particular school(s).
      • “Package deals” are often talked about, but not followed through on.
      • Comments such as the following often mean little: “I like the coach”, “…style of play”, “…conference”; “I will probably visit”; “the visit was good”.
      • If a kid says, “I’m going to sign on or before xx/xx/xx”, it may or may not happen.
      • “If A and B happens, then I’m sure C will also” is logic people will often use when discussing recruiting. In most instances, the thought process and assumptions made are flawed.

Not trying to take all the fun away, but it’s important to recognize things can change quickly and the reasons for the changes – both good and bad – vary widely.

With all that said, we will begin to share some more of our thoughts and information regarding Minnesota recruits (and potential targets). If you are looking for information on a particular recruit you can always use the website’s search box (generally found near the upper right of your screen at each LNH page).

In addition, if you hover over the “Gophers” near the top of the LNH menu (see below), options for recruiting lists by year will be displayed. Clicking on “2014 Recruiting”, for example, will take you to a table of 2014 recruits. If you have suggestions or comments, please email us at latenighthoops@latenighthoops.com or use the Contact Us option from the LNH menu.

Some of the more recent names added to the recruiting tables include 2014 Nate Mason of CP3 and 2015 Tyler Kohl of WE-R1.

Finally, you can follow @LateNightHoops and @jbbauer612 for real-time updates and new article/information postings at LNH.

Recruiting by class
Potential Gopher recruits by high school class

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