Source? Be Careful With Your Nike EYBL Stats

Source? Be Careful With Your Nike EYBL Stats

The website looks nice and has some good information within it. However, when it comes to statistics, they’ve quickly proven to have major issues again in 2017.

In the past, we’ve approached D1Circuit with comments, but have been unable to find a willing ear.

Simply put, we’d recommend you double-check them as a primary source for statistics unless they put in some basic logic and controls for identifying bad data.

The latest example relates to Howard Pulley and their opening night game. Several in the Twin Cities media have stated 3-point shooting statistics for 2018 Gabe Kalscheur that don’t jibe with the site or

Let’s take a look:


The screenshot above is from In his game against City Rocks, their website claims Gabe shot 0/1 from the field, yet 5/7 from 3-point range. Simple programming could provide alerts when there are obvious errors such as this, but unfortunately similar errors have been frequently found within the data over the years.

If we check or, we can get better data:


Kalscheur shot 5/13 from the field, including 5/12 from 3-point range.

Are you a Marquette fan interested in Ike Eke? If you looked up his statistics on after he committed last year, you would have seen an amazing 6-for-zero field goal shooting performance.

If you’re looking for a site that looks nice, may be a good spot. If you’re looking for basic accuracy in math and logic — at this point — it’s still not.

Statistics at the travel circuit level (or anywhere) are not perfect, but this is an issue of getting the basics right in order to restore a little bit of trust. makes it fairly easy to look up “statistics”… but 70 just doesn’t equal 58.

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