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EYBL: Spiece Starts 4-0 Behind Spartan-commit Davis

EYBL: Spiece Starts 4-0 Behind Spartan-commit Davis
April 27, 2014

We’ve been big fans of Caleb Swanigan – more on him later – but this weekend belonged to 2015 Michigan State commit Deyonta Davis. The 6’9″ forward was looking to score (29.5% %Shots) and that’s just what he did.

Spiece sits atop Division B after starting the EYBL season with a perfect 4-0 record. We’ll share some statistical information, but first a quick look at the team’s efficiency and four factors:

Team Eff. eFG% TO% OR% FTR
Indy Spiece 109.3 56.0% 25.3% 40.7% 78.4%
Opp 87.1 42.2% 21.4% 27.2% 30.2%

Spiece won three of the four factors handily, but did have issues turning the ball over. 2016 elite Jayson Tatum and his St. Louis Eagles pushed Spiece to the brink, but failed to win (53-52 final; Tatum with 18 points but just 6/17 FG & 35.3% eFG).
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2013 EYBL Advanced Rebounding Statistics

July 9, 2013
2013 EYBL Advanced Rebounding Stats

The table below lists rebounding statistics for all individuals who played at least 144 minutes (average of 8 mpg over 18 games). Notes to consider:

  • Percentages were calculated by Late Night Hoops.
  • Player statistics were obtained from the NikeEYB.com site.
  • Data includes regular season games only.
  • The following EYBL percentages marked the low-end of the top 10% in each category: 11.8 OR%; 19.2 DR%; 14.8 TotR% (i.e., if your OR% was 11.8% or better, you’re among the best 10% offensive rebounders).
  • Per basketball-reference.com, for Big Ten players (minimum 350 minutes played), the low-end of the top 10% in each category in 2012-13 was: 11.6 OR%; 19.6 DR%; 14.7 TotR%.
  • For Big East players: 12.0 OR%; 19.1 DR%; 14.9 TotR%.
  • For NCAA D-I players: 10.9 OR%; 19.6 DR%; 14.8 TotR%.

If you have questions or comments, feel free to tweet @LateNightHoops, email LateNightHoops@LateNightHoops.com or use the Contact Us form. We certainly have insights and opinions on this data and specific players that can be shared with interested parties.
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