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Gophers 2013-14 Recap Part IV: Turnovers

Gophers 2013-14 Recap Part IV: Turnovers

On Offense…
Turnover percentage in 2013-14 was down throughout college basketball, dropping to 18.3% from 20.0% a year earlier. The decline is largely attributable to the increase in fouls called by referees.

So, while Minnesota’s improvement in offensive turnover percentage was good last season, it wasn’t as remarkable as it may initially appear.

Minn D-I % Diff
2013-14 18.1% 18.3% -1%
2012-13 21.5% 20.0% 8%


The Gophers turned the ball over at about the same rate as the average D-I team this past year. In Tubby Smith’s last run with Minnesota, the squad’s turnover percentage was 21.5%, or 8% higher than the D-I average.
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Dre Mathieu: Another D-I to JUCO to Minnesota Success

Dre Mathieu: Another D-I to JUCO to Minnesota Success
February 15, 2014

In March of 2011 the Gophers received a commitment from rising junior guard Julian Welch from Yuba Community College (CA).  He had played there for one year after starting his collegiate career at D-I UC-Davis.

This past summer, Dre Mathieu opted to join the Minnesota program after a year at Central Arizona College. Mathieu had spent his first season playing for D-I Morehead State.

Like Welch did two years ago, Mathieu has made important contributions to the team in his first year. When Dre is at his best, his play has been phenomenal. Now more than ever the Gophers need consistent, steady play from the 5’9″ point guard.
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Theft on the Rise in Minnesota

Theft no the Rise in Minnesota
December 22, 2013

The Minnesota Golden Gophers have a steal rate of 12.6% which is 11th best in the nation through Saturday’s games. Only three teams have a rate higher than 15% (VCU at 18.2% is #1).

The Gophers also lead the Big Ten in steal rate.

Several players boast strong individual steal numbers, but what is especially impressive is that the two Gophers in the top 10 of Big Ten thieves (min 40% of available minutes played, data per KenPom.com) have also limited the amount of fouls they are called for.

Rank Player Team Steal %
1 Shannon Scott OSU 5.0
2 Mitch McGary MICH 4.6
3 Roy Devyn Marble IOWA 4.6
4 Aaron Craft OSU 4.5
5 Bryson Scott PUR 4.4
6 Travis Trice MSU 4.4
7 Deandre Mathieu MINN 4.3
8 Leslee Smith NEB 3.6
9 Tim Frazier PSU 3.1
10 Austin Hollins MINN 2.9

Stealing the ball is great. Fouling the other team and potentially putting them on the free throw line is not. Let’s re-sort this top 10 based on fouls committed per 40 minutes.
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LNH Insights: Deandre Mathieu

LNH Insights: Deandre Mathieu
October 23, 2013

Deandre Mathieu

Some fans and media are quite high on Deandre Mathieu after impressive offensive performances in Minnesota’s two early season intra-squad scrimmages. The 5’9”, 165 pound point guard transferred in as a junior from Central Arizona College where he averaged 17 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists in 2012-13 (per njcaa.org).

Our early thought on Mathieu has been that it’ll be his defensive contributions that will be key for this Gopher team. Some miscellaneous insights and random thoughts follow.
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