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Marquette’s Free Throw “Defense”

Marquette’s Free Throw “Defense”

Through February 6, Marquette’s opponents have shot 74.9% from the free throw line. There are only 7 teams in D-I college basketball whose opponents have shot better this season.

On average, D-I basketball teams are 69.6% from the charity stripe this year.

Free throw percentage matters very little in the grand scheme of basketball stats over the course of a season. In terms of importance, the great free throw shooting of Marquette’s opponents shouldn’t even show up on a top 50 list of concern for fans.

Nonetheless, our question was, “Why?”  When it comes to free throw rate – far more important than free throw percentage, yet still way down the list of important factors – Marquette has been very good.  Only ten teams have a defensive free throw rate better than Marquette’s 26.1%.
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