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Hindsight Review: 2012-13 Big Ten Predictions

April 24, 2013
Hindsight Review: 2012-13 Big Ten Preseason Predictions

Note: All teams except for Minnesota are discussed below. A separate article on the Gophers is available at this link.

We looked back at our 2012-13 Big Ten preseason team previews with the objective of helping us to continue to improve. Some of these notes are ‘internal jottings’ more than anything else, but some readers may find them interesting or entertaining (for example, our projection of Oto Osenieks dramatically improving his 3FG% in 2012-13).

At the beginning of the year and again on the first day of Big Ten conference play we said that there were six teams that looked like NCAA tournament teams (Indiana, Michigan, Michigan St., Minnesota,¬†Ohio St. & Wisconsin) and two that looked like potential tourney teams (Illinois and Iowa). We didn’t believe the bottom four had a chance.
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