Andre Hollins: A Tale of Two… Games?

Heavy praise is being heaped on Minnesota second-year guard Andre Hollins after he posted big scoring totals against Memphis (41) and South Dakota State (22).

We believe Dre is an excellent young player with a promising future and today we’re simply offering a bit of food for thought. Our analysis and thoughts on Hollins go far deeper than what’s here, but we think the basic information below is plenty interesting.

Selected statistics for Andre Hollins (Sophomore season through December 7, 2012):

  PPG eFG% 2FG% 3FG% FT%
Soph 13.7 52.6% 45.3% 40.9% 79.5%
Fresh 8.7 48.2% 40.5% 37.9% 90.4%

Andre’s points per game average is up 57%, with 20% of the increase explained by more minutes played. The other significant factors are improved shooting from the field and more frequent trips to the free throw line.

Now, let’s separate the two big games from the other eight and see what we’re left with.

Against both Memphis and South Dakota State, Dre was in a zone and any team might have had trouble stopping him. However, you may want to consider that Minnesota didn’t have to see much of the opposing teams’ normal point guards, both of whom are veterans and talented scorers themselves.

Joe Jackson of Memphis played just seven minutes against the Gophers and was on the floor at the same time as Andre for less than five (4:38).

SDSU star Nate Wolters did not play at all due to injury. In his place the Jackrabbits started a true freshman who turned the ball over seven times.

Selected statistics for Andre Hollins – excluding the Memphis & SDSU games:

  PPG eFG% 2FG% 3FG% FT%
Soph 9.3 35.4% 37.5% 21.9% 74.1%
Fresh 8.7 48.2% 40.5% 37.9% 90.4%

Other notes about these eight games:

  • Has not scored above full season average of 14 in any of these games
  • Has posted an Offensive Rating of less than 94 in half of these games
  • In his four roughest shooting outings, Dre’s eFG% was 17.2% (5/29 FG; 0/13 3FG)
  • Of those four, two have occurred in the Gophers’ last four games played


  • Other than Duke, the best defense Minnesota has faced in their last 11 games (10 this season and last year’s NIT final) has been Stanford twice
  • In two games against Stanford, Hollins has shot 2/13 FG (0/4 3FG) with 2 assists and 7 turnovers
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