Projecting Marquette’s 2018-19 Usage

We recently commented on the difficulty in projecting minutes for Marquette’s stacked 2018-19 roster. Today, we look at projecting usage play-by-player, which is (or at least feels like) a much easier task.

Before getting to our projections, we also looked at how many games each player posted a single-game usage greater than 25% thus far in their career (using data; minimum of 10 minutes playing time in a game).

Only three 2018-19 eligible Warriors have had more than five >25% usage games in their career, led by Markus Howard’s 34 over two seasons.

The other two players have never played for Marquette: Joseph Chartouny (26 games over three seasons at Fordham) and Ed Morrow (13 over two seasons at Nebraska).

The full list is below:

>25% usage games (10 minute min.)
Player Games Seasons
Markus Howard 34 2
Joseph Chartouny 26 3
Ed Morrow 13 2
Theo John 4 1
Sacar Anim 3 2
Jamal Cain 1 1
Matt Heldt 0 3
Sam Hauser 0 2
Greg Elliott 0 1

Utah State transfer Koby McEwen will sit his year-in-residence this season before having two years to play at Marquette beginning in 2019-20. Over his two years at his previous school, Koby matched Markus Howard’s mark of 34.

Notably, Sam Hauser hasn’t reached 26% usage or higher in his career. His usage increased from 13.6% as a freshman to just over 18% as a sophomore and while we expect another increase this season, we’re projecting him to only get up to 21%. We expect his brother Joey to carry a considerably heavier usage over his career.

The full list of usage projections is below:

2018-19 Projections
Player Usage (%)
Markus Howard 30
Joey Hauser 23
Joseph Chartouny 22
Ed Morrow 21
Sam Hauser 21
Theo John 18
Sacar Anim 18
Jamal Cain 18
Greg Elliott 16
Brendan Bailey 15
Ike Eke 13
Matt Heldt 11
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