Three Freshmen Guards We Can’t Doubt

Three Freshmen Guards We Can’t Doubt

5’10”, 165 pounds…5’11”, 175 pounds…5’7″, 150 pounds… once you get past their freshman designation, height and weight, these are three guards who look great on paper.

Our statistical analysis says these guys will be very good college players. Our in person evaluations of the same guys over the years supports the stats. We’ll be monitoring their performance and progression throughout the year as they provide good tests for our evaluation methodology and beliefs.

Jared Harper, Auburn
Harper’s numbers with the Georgia Stars as a rising senior were phenomenal. When you first see him step on the court, there’s nothing physically that would indicate greatness. But, it becomes quickly apparent through his high usage, high efficiency game that he is a potential gem.

The Georgia Stars certainly were a talent team and Harper benefited from his supporting cast, including bruisers on the blocks, but the year prior with a different type of roster, Harper shined playing up for Southern Stampede.

He’ll likely get the starting nod at PG for Auburn, ahead of veteran transfer Ronnie Johnson. Surprisingly,’s preview of Auburn does not even list Harper (but list 7 others on Auburn’s roster) in their projection discussion, but we believe he can be a key piece for the Tigers even as a freshman.

Markus Howard, Marquette
A 17 year old who reclassified up to join this year’s team, Howard’s performance with the Las Vegas Prospects and USA Basketball, along with multiple in-person viewings, leaves no doubt that he’s legit.

We believe Howard has a chance to snag a starting spot with Marquette, despite a lot of competition. Howard’s scoring ability is extreme and he’ll have some games where he racks up points in a hurry for the Warriors. That said, he’s an intelligent and mindful player who may put more focus on playing point and facilitating the offense as a freshman.

Like Harper, Howard was left off of’s preview of Marquette, which listed 7 Warriors. Eventually (and we believe sooner than later), Marquette fans will be amazed at just how important the spring signing of Howard was.

Damontrae Jefferson, Texas Southern
The Milwaukee product is a magician with the ball. Texas Southern can be a ridiculously good team, but Jefferson alone is with the price of admission.

His ball handling, passing, scoring, and moxie are all impressive. Jefferson plays more like a Harrison twin than Spud Webb, bullying the opposition and playing with great confidence. He may be 5’7″, but he doesn’t seem to know it.

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